Aliesa Sivrol



Blood Caste / Text Color:

Purple [#72117e]

Typing Quirk:

"l" for "/_"


Hemospectrum Modus

Strife Specibus:



Chevron surrounded by three Xs


7 sweeps old








Dream Self:














Poisonous Sea Snake

Enter NameEdit

>Be the Crazy Bloodthirsty Chick

Your name is Aliesa Sivrol and you are not crazy. You just love assassinating trolls, theres nothing that makes you happier than the sight of a troll killed by your daggers. You enjoy planning these assassinations. Because for you every kill is a work of art. you also enjoy painting with the blood of your kills. In fact you always tend to paint the kills which you are proud for. You also like to make your victims suffer before killing them. There used to be some trolls captive in your hive to give you blood for painting until the drone came knocking for their pails. You have also dabbled in poison making but you are not very good at it. Mostly because brewing underwater is hard

You also take your caste somewhat seriously. Specially when killing, you tend to be somewhat dramatic . You tend to be somewhat proper and you clothes reflect that. You collect ornate and famous daggers and use them as decoration. Your current pair is your pride and joy. You also like reading about great assassins. Recently you bought some books on how to make friends and how to suceed at redrom, much to your embrassament .Sometimes other highbloods seek your services, which you happily provide. While this has made you even richer that your average seadweller, it has given you an infamy in the highbloods social circles.You have almost no close friends. Really who wants to befriend a girl that kills most trolls she comes across and then paints using their blood. This has caused you to be loyal and protective to them, and made you something of a lone wolf. You do want to meet more people, but a quick search of your name in the net sends them running, so you tend to be cruel and mean to everyone unless you like them. At that point you switch to your sweet interior. In fact you have never had either a moirail or a matesprit. How you survived the drone is an embarrasing secret

Your lusus is a poisonous sea snake that feeds on blood. He can easly coil around your arm and its very protective of you. His poison is strong enough to kill most trolls with a drop. You love your lusus a lot, even if he sometimes is annoying. He has saved you many times from dangerous trolls. You could feed him yourself but he likes the blood of the recently slain more

Your Trolltag is violetRequiem and you speak with /_ittle dagger strikes

Examine SelfEdit

Enjoy the sight. It may be the /_ast thing you see

You are normal by troll standarts in the sense that you dont have some sort of freaky mutation. You are a pretty normal seadweller. Well You use a cape and a nice belt because you think it looks cool. Your shirt is a longsleeve because your arm is covered in bite marks. You'll talk about them later

Examine HiveEdit

I trust you enjoy the paintings right?

Your hive is an underwater palace. All the walls are filled with diferent paintings and daggers. Your kitchen is normal and you have a pretty good living room. All in case someone ever comes to visit. You still await your first non-bussiness visitor. You also have a dungeon with air pumps to keep your...paint dispensers

Examine RespiteblockEdit

This is were I keep my most beautifu/_ paintings

Your room is filled with your masterpieces. The most beautiful and most famous dagger stand in the walls. Over your cocoon are the daggers of what you believe is your ancestor. An assassin so good she killed a mother grub. There is also a husktop and your books. Hidden from sight your relationship ones. In a corner stands your poison making lab. You think you havent made one succesful poison yet. Your lusus sleeps on a corner

Allocate Strife SpecibusEdit

Beautiful arent they? Also dead/_y

You use daggerKind astrabctus. Anything small with a handle and a blade is fair game. Stilletos, dirks, etc. You always use two of them. Your current daggers are a pair of long curved ornate ones. You had to pay a lot to make them but it was worth it. Daggers are the best weapons for assassins

Examine Fetch ModusEdit

The modus is rea/_/_y easy for me

You use Hemospectrum Modus. You have 7 columns. One for each caste of the hemospectrum. Red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo and purple. You can set any numbers of cards in each column as long as the number stays roughly the same. You always have to equalize the number of cards. To access any card in a column you have to offer a blood sample of that color. For easier use you keep a series of samples of other color in your purple card. So you draw a drop of blood from yourself to access the rest of the modus. There is no limit of how many items can be put in a column, but each column can only have a maximun of 7 cards.


Purple Column: x1 Case of blood samples, Trollberry

Green Column: Canvas, brushes

Do Something AwesomeEdit

Rainbow Drinkers are rea/_!

You once killed an entire communal hivestem. The beauty was that you left no trace but the fangs of your snake. Eventually the remaining residents believed a rainbow drinker was killing them. You laughed at this and kept killing like that, even after they did all the anti rainbow drinker things.Eventually the last one was going to throw himself off the top. You stabbed him before he jumped

Examine AbilitiesEdit


Seadwe/_/_ers dont have these

You are inmune to most kinds of control though


I can use you as a demostration

You are a pretty good fighter. You are quick with your daggers and can use them with deadly precision. You are also quick and stealthy. Finally you are inmune to your snake's poison. In fact it gives you some sort of adrenaline rush. Too mch and you will burn out. Thats why you have all those bite marks in your arm

Oh and you of course breathe underwater and have formidable strenght. Like all seadwellers


We/_/_ Some peop/_e say my paintings are nice

Besides being a good painter you have no other useful skills. You guess you could do surgery if you knew how to. Also your social skills are pretty bad. You end up scaring everyone you chat with


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Character Comment

  • Coming Soon
  • For your reading pleasure
  • Sit tight

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