- 2. Make sure you can seperate in-context anger from out of context anger.

- 1. 6-7 Sweeps old.


2. Have to screw around figuring out what the fuck is going on.

3. Use Prelude to flesh out character, this is required.

Side note: Charcter can find rose's guide, but can only take it at face value. Rose's Walkthrough

4. No surprising the Session Masters

5. Sylladexes are concrete, and their rules apply. They are not just a magic satchel.

6. Lusii need not die.

7. Chararacter's living conditions must match their castes.

8. Psychic powers must have a downside equal to their power. Lowbloods have bonus to get powers.

8a. Powers must be rolled for.
8b. If you succeed in getting a power, another roll for how powerful it is.

9. Highbloods have better gear.

10. Midbloods are better at skills, and have (generally) better relations with everyone


11. You only know how much you are told or what you are allowed to find by the SM.

12. The SM decides what you encounter.

13. Godtiering will be hard as hell.

14. Waking up is not a given, must have a good reason.

14a. Pre-session awakenings must have a good reason.

15. Your land must be "realistic" within the boundaries of the game. Rivers and shit will be an obstacle.

16. Rocket packs are not forbidden, but must be made/discovered/bought.

17. Alchemization actually takes grist. Amount of grist required for items is to be determined by SM/how powerful the item the player wants it to be.

18. You cannot fly at 100 mph to get to locations because that is godmodding, or if you want a real reason, it would tear a person's clothes off. This includes psychic flight.

19. You cannot go beyond the furthest ring or navigate it, unless you are godtiered time or space.

20. To talk to a player with Trollian, the character must be available to actually talk. No in-combat talking, or alternatively, talking in-combat is a very big penalty to rolls.

21. No segmented logging. Only finished logs are allowed.

22. The same applies to voice conversations.

23. Exiles are controlled by the server players. As such they also have to make the character and their personality. Prospit/Derse, etc. These need to be approved by the SM before being used.

24. No discussing plans OOC, outside of sekrets that can change the game. In this case talk to the SM's about it. Backstabbing, Player Deaths, and Player Killing are all fair game.

24a. Player-Killing must be announced and approved before an RP session begins. Nothing out of the blue.

25. If a player leaves the game, they are considered missing/fell down a pit, and will never return. We will not replenish the party.

26. No love/hate at first sight. Attraction is fine, and flirting is perfectly fair game.

27. If your characters do fall in love or hate, remember that they are 13-15 years old. Kissing and suggling is fine. Anything more is to be left up to the imagination.

28. Remember that moiraillegeance does not mean friendship, or that the people exactly like each other. It means they keep the other from being stupid and making mistakes.

29. Similarly, Auspitices do not encourage hate between kismeses, they keep the "I want to kill you" hate down to a minimum. Exceptions of course are available if they want to make the players kill each other.

30. These rules are subject to change at any time; any and all actions done by players are subject to scrutiny by the SM's and can be blocked if it is deemed reasonable to.