Katina Nilant



Blood Caste / Text Color:


Typing Quirk:

/\=A, /\/\=M, \/=V, \/\/=W



Strife Specibus:



Interlocking Arrows


6.5 Sweeps



Land of Gardens And Whispers


Witch of Mind



Dream Self:

Most likely Prospit


?? > Katina > ??











Shakuras "Sha-Sha": A lobster/scorpion.

Enter NameEdit

Your name is Katina Nilant.

You are a member of the higher ups, the purest, the.... oh sod it. You don't really give a shit. Yes you are indigo blooded. Who honestly gives a fuck. Not you. You just abuse the power that comes with it. And that means neat things and getting people to do what you want. As such your hive is relatively small for a member of your caste, but inside it is a cross between luxury and utility. Extravagant things, without frills and all that stuff that the other highbloods like.

You live in a cave, which is also your hive, but mostly a cave in the face of a cliff. There is an open walkway leading from the edge, to the entrance. As you go down the corridor, it gets darker and darker until you notice that it is pitch black, and the only sound is a skittering noise.... above you. As you bring the flashlight up, you see dozens upon dozens of scorpions, there. Then, there is a series of low chitters, and then. You can't move. You become numb, and soon you realize you are being dragged by a troll. As you pass out your last thought is: "Well. Fuck."

You of course have some interests. Aside from generally being a bitch and using your "born" superiority as a tool, you enjoy watching movies and television shows of an animated format. They are perfectly good entertainment, and anyone who says otherwise will suffer from a stab wound, followed shortly by disappearing. You enjoy going out and drawing maps of your travels. They aren't super accurate, but are more akin to just having fun than precision. You also enjoy going out and culling trolls that have made it on the Planetwide Culling List. The empire pays well for relieving the drones of such time consuming searches.

On the other side, you sometimes show a capacity for pure selflessness and giving. Every once in awhile you will find a random troll, down on their luck, pick them up off their feet, get them their confidence back, and then give them a shitton of money. You don't know why you do this. For you it feels like you are doing it on a whim.

Your trolltag is sapphireTerrarium and you speak /\s if there is /\ \/\//\ry undercurrent to your tone, just \/\//\iting to le/\p out.

Examine SelfEdit

Does it look like I /\/\/\ hiding so/\/\ething?

You are mostly normal. Sort of. Your horns curve forward and over, going right in front of your face. You are about 5 feet tall. You tend to wear a simple t-shirt and pants, oh and if you get your hands on jewelry, you can't keep yourself from wearing it. And that's about it.

Oh wait. You eyes also shine. Yeah. You are very sensitive to light, and are often seen wearing glasses that you could weld in.

Examine HiveEdit

C/\stles /\re for the extr/\\//\g/\nt.

Your hive is built into the rockface of a cliff that overlooks the sea. A catwalk leads from the entrance to the flat land above. On the inside, there are a number of rooms. The front door opens up into a guest/kitchen area, with chairs, couches, and some entertainment for hiveguests. Kitchen has all the objects you would expect. From the entrance, turn left and there is a hallway, and a thing that looks like a cross between a lobster and a scorpion. Please do not agitate it. There are a few other rooms, but they are not worth mentioning.

Examine RespiteblockEdit

Ple/\se, do co/\/\e in, I h/\\/e so/\/\ething to sho\/\/ you...

The door in front of you leads to the respiteblock, which is littered with various crumpled up pieces of paper, blood stained clothes, various items that look cool, and there is a pile of jewelry in the corner. And that's it.

Oh wait, there's a closet. Let's just open her up and take a look in here and OH MY GOD SKELETONS. Yeah. It's not a closet. It's your lusus's feeding pit. You find some poor sucker and lead them in all nice like, and then push them down the 30 foot drop. Their legs break, and then your cute widdle scorpion paralyzes their unlucky ass and feeds on them for about a week.

Allocate Strife SpecibusEdit

Cull Cull, St/\b St/\b.

Your kind abstratus is set to polearmKind. This basically means if it is some kind of weapon on the end of a long stick, you can just it. You prefer glaives, but if it cuts or stabs, you can use it. Keep the enemy away for maximum effectiveness.

Examine Fetch ModusEdit

Fuck o\/erco/\/\plic/\ted things.

Your fetch modus is array, and you like it that way. If you want an item, you take it. Is is that hard to use something so practical?



-Assorted Jewelery



Do Something AwesomeEdit

Don't hurt /\/\e! I'/\/\ ob\/iously helpless!

How about that one time you were hunting a group of insane tech cultists? Yeah. Dazzle them a bit with the "cute and innocent highblood" routine, and then eviscerate the shit right out of them. Literally.

Examine AbilitiesEdit


I /\ssure you, you don't \/\//\nt to /\/\eet /\/\y g/\ze if you \/\//\nt to keep your \/\/ill.

Katina's eyes have the ability to erode the will of those that look at them, if she chooses. Everyone is resistant to some degree, but all that is needed is time. Distractions, restraint, or maybe even someone willing (if they like that.) After a certain point the victim will do almost everything, aside from killing themselves or super extreme actions.

When active, Katina's eyes glow a smokey purple, and their first effect is to make the mind of the victim to not think that is strange.


Shock /\nd /\\/\/e. /\nd /\ \/ery big pole.

Kat is fairly strong, because she needs to swing around a glaive with any amount of power behind it. She is of average height and above average weight, mostly due to the extra muscle. She has a number of minor scars all over her, from her wacky forays into random activities.


H/\/\/\/\, \/\/h/\t else c/\n I do?

Having at least some experience in many things, Katina can do a number of things with reasonable efficiency. Give her ten minutes and she will be able to use it well enough to be effective.


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